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The members of Coracree are all extremely experienced dance musicians and teachers who can work individually and as a group to help musicians add to their contra dance repertoire and learn how to amp up their playing for dances!

We can lead contra dance tune repteroire classes for lead/melody and rhythm players as well as group/band class.

Our musicians workshops can help you:

  • Improve playing skills
  • Add to your Contra Dance Tune repertoire
  • Expand Improvisation
  • Play better by ear
  • Pick tunes to fit the dance
  • Add dynamics to your tunes
  • Better play to the figures of the dance
  • Partner with your caller AND MORE!!

Sarah and Bill are also skilled dance instructors who can teach dance and music sessions in

  • Hambo
  • Schottische
  • Waltz
  • French Mazurka and Bourée
  • Appalchian Clogging

"As a contra dance caller, it is important to work with a band that has a varied repertoire, that has skill born of years of experience, that clearly enjoys working together, and more importantly, has a great deal of fun using their virtuosity to provide tunes that every dancer will love. Coracree is such a band! They instinctively reach the dancers with their tune choices, skill, creativity, and sense of fun. I have had a great time calling with this band, and recommend them highly. ---- Linda Leslie Contra Dance Caller (Massachussetts)

For more information and booking contact

Jane Rothfield • 518-522-7445