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  CONCERTS - More Coracree Concerts on YouTube  
  Coracree at TradMaD 2016
Pinewoods Camp, Becket, MA
  Video: Martin Said
  Video: Fire Jig
The Fire Jig (Bill Quern)
  DANCES - More Coracree Dances on YouTube  
  Video: Glenside Contra 4/4/2013
Coracree plays Cold Mountain (Jane Rothfield)
  Video: Glen Echo, MD Contra 12/5/14 with caller Nils Fredland Coracree plays Ig-Night (Gowan/Quern) / Nancy in a Shirttail(Sarah Gowan)/ Le Jet du Lama (Phillipe Plard)   Video: Coracree at CMU Contra
  Still more Coracree on YouTube  
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Coracree on
Thistle and Shamrock - Sounds of Spring  3/20/14
"Thundersnow" is featured at 26:00 and "Candlelight" at 31:22

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