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Dancing in the Sky is available for purchase at CD Baby!

Dancing in the Sky
play   1. Thundersnow (S. Gowan) (1:52)
play   2. McGann's March (J. Rothfield) / Janet's Fancy (J. Rothfield) / North Carolina Breakdown / Greasy Coat (6:27)
play   3. Branford Jig (J. Rothfield) / Lootering (S. Gowan) / Fire Jig (B. Quern) (5:05)
play   4. Carpathian Tune / Nancy in a Shirttail (Sarah Gowan) / Cold Mountain (J. Rothfield)(4:56)      [Click play button for full length sample!]
play   5. The Candlelight (Tune: J. Rothfield)(2:57)
play   6. The Blacksmith/ F-Bomb (S. Gowan & B. Quern)(3:13)
play   7. The North Hambo (B. Quern) (2:21)
play   8. The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen (Mel and Mary Webb) (2:29)
play   9. Black Rogue / The Orphan / The Long, Hot Shower (Betsy Branch)(5:19)
play   10. The Malvern Twist (J. Rothfield) / Ducks on the Pond / Waiting for Sandy (J. Rothfield) (5:13)
play   11. Loving Hannah (3:00)
play   12. Dancing with Mom in the Kitchen (B. Quern) (2:43)

Songs for singing, tunes for dancing and sometimes both at once!

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