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Philadelphia based Coracree, plays roots music from the heart, melding a mixture of Celtic, Old time, European and Original music with an old and contemporary sound. Coracree combines the talents of four great musicians with a lifetime of playing traditional music who also write new melodies and songs in the traditional style.

Featuring the playing of award winning fiddler, clawhammer banjo player Janie Rothfield, the silver throated singing (and bass playing) of Scotsman, Allan Carr, multi-instrumentalist extra-ordinaire, Bill Quern, and the inventive and driving guitar of clog dancer Sarah Gowan, Coracree sets the house on fire! With lively fiddle tunes, soulful Scottish and Appalachian ballads, great singing and harmonies, a bit of raucus southern Old Time and an occasional clog dance by guitarist Sarah Gowan, an evening with Coracree equals a fun evening of music, dance and humor!

Since 2010, Coracree has played at contra dances, concerts and festivals throughout the American East, spreading their unique and entertaining brand of Old and New folk music to audiences of all ages.


Allan Carr - Guitar, bass, vocals (From Aberdeen, Scotland)
Jane Rothfield - Fiddle, banjo, vocals
Bill Quern - Tenor banjo, mandolin, accordion and harmonica, vocals
Sarah Gowan - guitar, concertina, foot percussion, vocals

Bookings and Information: Jane Rothfield • 518-522-7445